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What is and how to use video auto-discovery on your content page

Using videos already embedded on your content website to transform them into a sales channel

To embed Stream Sage’s video on your page – there’s a dedicated snippet of code you can use to copy-paste it into your favorite CMS. But this can be cumbersome when you already have a page with tons of embedded videos from providers like YouTube or Vimeo.

We got you covered in this case.

Our Stream Sage helper script can automatically detect videos embedded on your page from YouTube and Vimeo and – if they are mapped in Stream Sage Studio – replace original videos with Stream Sage interactive shoppable player.

1. Map your videos in Stream Sage Studio.

Follow steps from this guide.

2. Enable auto-detection via Stream Sage helper script.

If you have already followed guides from our Knowledge Base, including articles for Shopify and WordPress – you probably already have video auto-detection enabled.

To enable auto-detection make sure you invoke `.autoDetectVideos()` function on `window.dagger` when it’s initialized:

<script id="streamsage-loader">
  // ...
  window.initStreamSage("...", {
    onSuccess: function() {
  //                      ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

That’s it! Now when you add a video in the Studio, map it with products and publish it – the video will automatically convert into an interactive video on your webpage!