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Selling products via Live Event

Add and manage products within the product showcase, publish and share videos with the audience

  1. Adding and managing products via Live Event
  2. Store catalog from the viewers’ perspective
  3. Publish, share, and embed the video

NOTE: Before you can start selling products via Live Event, you must create one. Please read about it here.

  1. Add and manage products via Live Event

    1. On the left side of the video, it’s a Store Catalog section where you can search for the products from an integrated eCommerce store.
    2. There are two ways to add products:
      • Click + plus button next to the product. It will be added to the product showcase list (you can use this to prepare the list of products to sell before the event),
      • Click the product this option gives an additional opportunity. You can choose the variant and the display time of the product. When you are ready you can either add a product to the + Showcase or Display the product right away. If you choose no preset display time, the product will be displayed as long as you press the red Stop button in the product showcase or display a new product,
    3. To delete a product from the showcase click product on the list and then press the - Showcase button.
    4. You can only display products when you're live. However, before starting the live event you can prepare yourself by adding all the products you would like to show your viewers to the showcase. 
    5. To display certain products again click the Replay button next to the product name on the Product Showcase list.
  2. Store catalog from the viewers’ perspective

    1. The viewers are able to see their cart and buy more products while watching your Live Event. They can do this by clicking the Search icon in the left top corner.
    2. This will open a tab that presents all products from your store.
    3. Within the tab, there are two important sections that can be defined by you: Featured Products and Featured Collections. It is an additional thing that we can configure according to your requirements.
    4. During the integration of Stream Sage with your ecommerce, you need to provide us with a list of products and collections that you want to present. If you are already after the configuration stage, do not worry, we will help you connect them at any time, just contact support@streamsage.io.

  3. Publish, share, and embed the video

    1. When you’re done with Live Event click Stop Event and confirm it.
    2. Decide if you want the video to be visible to your viewers or not.
      • Publish Event if you want people to see it.
      • Click No if you don’t want to publish the event yet. You can always Publish / Unpublish the video later on.
    3. To share the published event with your viewers, you have to visit the Live Video you want to share, visit the Share tab, and copy the link or share it directly to social media.