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Selling products via Video (YouTube, Vimeo)

How to create Videos on the platform, add and manage products on the video timeline, preview viewer’s view, publish and share videos with the audience

  1. Creating a video on the platform 
  2. Adding and managing products on the Video timeline 
  3. Previewing the viewer’s view
  4. Publishing, sharing, and embedding the video

NOTE: To perform selling products via Video you need to have an integration with your ecommerce store.

If you have videos already embedded on your website please use this guide

  1. Create a video on the platform

    1. Click the +New button in the top right corner and choose Video on demand from the list. This will redirect you to the Video on demand page where you will be able to choose between the different options:
      • YouTube (you will use the link from YouTube)
      • Vimeo (you will use the link from Vimeo)
    2. After choosing the platform, paste the link of the video you want to use in the first box. The rest of the information should fill out automatically. After that click Create. You are now in the editing view.
    3. You can always go back to the editing view by clicking Edit in the right top corner.
  2. Add and manage products on the Video timeline

    1. On the left side of the video, it’s a Store Catalog section where you can search for the products from an integrated eCommerce store. 
    2. Search for the product you would like to sell on Video and add it by clicking the name of the product or the + plus sign next to the product name. You can add multiple products they will pile on top of each other in this case you have to move them on the timeline.
    3. The products will appear on the timeline. Now you are able to define the display time of the product by stretching or shortening the product block on its edges.
    4. You can also move the product by dragging it in on the timeline.
    5. You can remove the product from the timeline by clicking on it and choosing Remove.

  3. Preview the viewer’s view

    1. You can always check how the products will display for your customers. To do this click on the Render Preview button.
    2. The pop-up with a video view will appear, press play to see the effect. If you need to correct something you can click Edit and go back to the editing view, if you are done click Publish.
  4. Public, share and embed the video

    1. When you’re done with adding products and you want to share a video with your audience click Publish, this will allow your audience to see the video and buy straight from it.
    2. To share the product click the Share tab on the left and copy the link to the video. Within this tab, you can also copy the snippet of code for embedding the video on your website.