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How to make your links and images shoppable (Stream Sage Helper)

Preparing your website to allow your clients to buy straight from the content with no need to leave the experience

  1. Making articles and images sell your products (shoppable)

NOTE: If you have not injected Stream Sage Helper on your content website visit this guide to unlock the possibility of selling through content.

Stream Sage Helper - a piece of code that enables your customers to buy your products straight from the article or photos with no need to leave the current activity. On top of that, it allows you to transform videos already embedded on your website into shoppable videos by using the Stream Sage platform.

  1. Making articles and images sell your products (shoppable)

    1. To allow clients to buy from your content you should prepare it so the Stream Sage Helper can activate their shoppability. 
    2. To do this visit your CMS and edit pieces of content by adding links to products
      • If there is an article about your products make sure that all products listed in the article have products linked behind their names or phrases (for example if you’re writing about best knives, link names of top knives to products from your store),
      • If there are images of products in the article, link the image to certain products from your shop. 
    3. When content is already prepared follow the instructions for code snippet injection to activate Stream Sage Helper on your content.