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Create a live event and start streaming with Youtube Live

How to set up a live event, and start streaming with YouTube Live using your built-in camera

  1. Creating a live event
  2. Live event using YouTube Live
  3. Ending and sharing the event with viewers

  1. Creating a live event

    1. Click the +New button in the top right corner and choose Live Event from the list. This will redirect you to Create Live Event page where you will be able to choose between the different options:
      • Stream with Stream Sage:

        • Broadcast Live Event (streaming with RTMP software like OBS, Zoom, Larix)
      • Third-Party Providers:
        • YouTube Live
        • Vimeo Live
    1. After choosing your way of streaming, fill in the event information: video title, description, schedule date, and age restrictions, also feel free to upload the cover image. When setup is done, click Create.

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  1. Live event with YouTube Live

    1. Open a new tab and go to YouTube Studio
    2. Go to the Webcam tab and click Schedule Stream. 
    3. Start filling out the Create stream form.
    4. For the best streaming experience, we recommend using the below settings for streaming with YouTube Studio. Stream should:
      • have No, don't restrict my video to viewers over 18 only on age restriction advanced options (this appears only when you choose No, it's not made for kids in basic Audience settings, as long as you select Yes, it’s made for kids You’re good to go:))
      • ​​NOT be private - public or unlisted are fine.
    5. Stream preview will appear on your screen when the form is filled out. Please choose what camera and microphone you want to use and click Go live.
    6. Click Edit in the down-right corner and scroll down to License where you need to tick Allow embedding and Save.
    7. Click the Share icon at the bottom and copy the Video link and paste it to the Stream Sage platform in Create Live Event with YouTube Live view, fill in the missing fields if necessary and click Create.
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  2. Ending and sharing the event with viewers

As soon as you’re done with your event you simply:

    1. Just click Stop Event and confirm it.
    2. Decide if you want the video to be visible to your viewers or not.
      • Publish the Event if you want people to see it.
      • Click No if you don’t want to publish the event yet. You can always Publish / Unpublish the video later on.
    3. To share the published event with your viewers, you have to visit the Live Video you want to share, visit the Share tab, and copy the link for sharing the video.